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Gianna Savoie, Ocean Media Institute

Gianna Savoie, Ph.D. Filmmaker and Executive Director, Ocean Media Institute
Dr. Gianna Savoie is an award-winning Natural History filmmaker and writer whose penchant for powerful storytelling has led her to sink her teeth into some of the most critical conservation issues on the planet. Her Emmy-nominated work has been featured on PBS, NATURE, National Geographic, Discovery, NHNZ, and the BBC as well as in theatrical documentaries. In 2015, Gianna founded the Ocean Media Institute, a non-profit global media collective that serves to expand the public's engagement in ocean science and conservation through the collaborative creation, exhibition, and distribution of innovative media and artistic approaches to ocean literacy.

Ocean Media Institute:OMI works collaboratively with filmmakers, scientists and organizations to craft innovative ocean-related media. We seek stories that promote marine science, explore the connection between humans and the sea, and have the potential to engage the public in its conservation.

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